North Way Christian Community Church in Pittsburgh, PA

February 24, 2018 | Hills & Valleys

Tell God your plans and hear Him laugh. Today was a day filled with some of that joyous laughter in the voices of the 120+ kids at Pastor Jean Claude’s Valley Church—and the Holy Spirit’s presence in even our tougher moments. After a van ride rivaling an old wooden rollercoaster, we piled out and were met with a ton of hugs from the children of the Valley Church. Familiar faces were found, a lot of hair was braided (even the tallest member of our team’s—Richard!) and we were just enfolded into their community. Some of our team had fabulous kids lessons, games and crafts planned for all the younger kids, but remember what we said at the top of this post? Somehow a few random supplies got left behind, and improvisation was at hand. As frustrating as it could be, just goes to show how mindful flexibility and focusing on the kids is all God had scheduled for us. May not have been our plans, but He worked and came through and made it still such a fun time. Bob and Mike along with Pastor Jean Claude led a hard hitting talk for husbands and wives and they went off book via the Holy Spirit—shouldn’t be a surprise, right? It was meant to be. And for our time with the young adults of the community to talk about sexual purity, a huge blessing was our translator McKendy who led the main talk so strongly. Our Q&A’s afterward where the guys and girls separated were trickier with translation/interpretation, but what we heard afterward? The kids said how much they got out of it, how it was like we were talking about them in what we presented. In spite of us—God met and moved and surprised and blessed every second of today.