February 25, 2018 | Best Sunday Ever

“Streams of mercy never ceasing, call for songs of loudest praise.” After an extra hour or so to sleep/wake up, we all headed to Pastor Jean Claude’s Valley Church for service. And what a powerful service it was. Honestly this post may be shorter because words fail how full of the Holy Spirit the entire day was. Getting to see familiar faces from yesterday’s teaching at the Valley Church was a treat. Everyone was dressed to the nines, praising Jesus with reckless love and abandon in the worship time. Heaven is going to sound like what church did this morning. The sermon this morning was one of Good News, it got many “amens,” and per Pastor Jean Claude’s request—was given by our own Jeff DeWalt. Based on 2 Corinthians 5:14-21, Jeff *brought* many great words about being new creations in Christ, how deep Father God’s Love for us is, and how these are to be THE defining factors in our identity. After church, McKendy of Joshua House brought us down to see his fledgling printing business and we had the privilege of praying for God’s favor and provision over it. This young man is doing dynamic things for Christ and the community. Later on, we went back and visited with the Compere family, just playing and hanging out enjoying a stunning day. And cookies, and an Easter Egg hunt, among other fun things, before the real fun began. Pastor Jean Claude and his wife Monica are a couple who are the literal hands and feet of Jesus in their community and beyond, and they also have eleven incredible children! To give them a little bit of time one-on-one, we trucked the Compere kids back to Joshua House for the night where we had dinner, played games, and got treated to the Prince Caspian movie on a big screen, complete with popcorn. It was a huge hit and the laughter ringing off the walls holding almost 40 people will remain a highlight of our time here.