North Way Christian Community Church in Pittsburgh, PA

February 26, 2018 | Just Another Awesome Monday

So after yesterday’s incredible sleepover, six of us took the Compere kids back to their home while the other nine of us spent the day at EBAC. Our day with the Compere children was SUCH fun. After the schoolwork, Tina led some awesome science experiments while the guys worked on windows, and then the real fun began. Yahtzee and prayer box crafts, piano lessons, jamming to Disney movie music, and Toy Story were just a few highlights with this precious family we are going to miss so much. And over at EBAC, there were some God appointments to be had between tutoring and just loving on the kiddos. Everyone had incredible, but somewhat hard conversations with a few of the older kids about school, futures, relationships. And of course, loving on the younger kids and helping with their schoolwork. The “work” we’ve been privileged to do here isn’t anything special—but the time spent in the presence of all these people and forming relationships with them has been priceless. And so humbling to see just how brilliantly God shows up in every interaction with each and every child. The days are long but the years are short as the saying goes—but here in Haiti? The days we are here go by far too quickly with this wonderful community we’ve all come to know and love.