February 27, 2018 | Mountain Church

After a stunning sunrise, lots of hydrating, we left bright and early for the Mountain Church. Another church Pastor Jean Claude shepherds, high up in one of the most intensely beautiful mountains around. He’d asked us to do the same as in the Valley Church—a talk on marriage for the couples, sexual purity talk and discussion with the young adults, and games and crafts with the (adorable) children. And again, the Holy Spirit was present and moved around the language barrier using some of the most incredible guys around who’ve been such God-sends: Bilo, Dilo, Junior and McKendy are all such God-loving guys who do so much for this community. They helped us wrangle the kids for three legged races, balloon games and crafts and a Bible lesson too. With the young adults, Richard led the young men after the main talk and said they were just so invested and asked good, tough questions—just had the best time. Mike and Bob had similar experiences with the couples in the marriage talk as well, and said Pastor Jean Claude really drove it all home with translating. Getting up to the mountain was not without it’s challenges, beautiful though it was to be in the thick of God’s most beautiful creation. About a third of the way up, our awesome team rallied together with grace and prayer when three of us had to call it a day and headed back to Joshua House with the help of the guys. A disappointment, but it turned into a picture of the strength and love of the body of Christ with how everyone pitched in to be the hands and feet of Jesus for the beautiful people of Haiti—and our own team.