February 28, 2018 | Beach Day!

After our awesome (but exhausting) day up on the mountain, and feeling a mix of bittersweet emotions so close to leaving, today, our Beach Day on the aptly named Amiga (Friendship) Island was looked forward to by all. Especially because not only could we relax and bond further as a team -- but celebrate not one but two baptisms! The crystalline blue of the Carribbean Ocean was smooth as glass sailing from the dock and out to the island that emerged past walls of towering mountains. We even got to see the Citadel high up on its hill on the boat trip and from the balcony of Joshua House, this trip. Through binoculars, however, much to *some* team members’ (half-joking) regret. One day we’ll see the 8th Wonder of the World in person. This tiny island was all ours when we disembarked right into turquoise water that was transparent -- we could see the sand floor beneath our feet in the water! A bunch of us got sunburnt, but it was so worth it to celebrate our week together, and two of our “family members” baptisms. Richard and Maria both made the decision to be baptized in Haiti. Putting stakes in the ground to say they are all in for Christ, wherever He may lead. On trips like these, you become family for better for worse, the good, the bad, and the ugly, with the people on your team. And so when there is cause for celebration of all God’s done in the lives of people you love? You shout and cheer when they are raised up from the water. On our way back from the beach, we were able to drive and stop by the new IDADEE hospital that, two years ago on our trip, had only just begun. It was so incredible to see what God can do through the faithfulness and hard work of people who love Him where they live, work, and play, both in Haiti, and those who support from the US. All of today was so surreal. And bittersweet for many of us, though we tried not to think about leaving. Perhaps one of the most God-smiling moments on Amiga Island was when the song King of My Heart played over the boombox the guides had brought with them. “Let the King of my heart, be the mountain where I run, the fountain I drink from, oh He is my song. You. Are. Good.”