February 4, 2017 | Beautiful day at the Valley Church

We spent today at Pastor Jean-Claude’s “valley church.” When we arrived, we began introducing ourselves to those who had already gathered while looking around. The church looks great! Evidently a lot of work has been completed on it in the last year. We worshiped a little bit with Pastor Jean-Claude’s congregation, and then we broke out into our groups. Karen, Alex, and Jeff taught a lesson on spiritual gifts and talents to the young adults, Mike and Bob taught a lesson on marriage to the adults using the Marriage Matters curriculum, and the rest of us led a mini Kidz Church for the children. Everyone was very receptive to us! After the teaching, we all shared a delicious meal of rice, beans, chicken, and vegetables. It was really special to watch Pastor Jean-Claude and other leaders of the community provide a big meal to those that they are ministering to every day. We are all a little sad that our trip is half over, but we are really looking forward to the remainder of our week here. Tomorrow we will head back to the valley church for Sunday morning service and then spend the rest of the day with Pastor Jean-Claude’s family at their house.