February 5, 2017 | A Perfect Sunday

We had a wonderfully relaxing Sunday. We went to church at Pastor Jean-Claude’s “valley church,” known as the Redeemed Church down here. We all enjoyed worshiping the Lord with our Haitian brothers and sisters. The sermon was given by our very own Jeff DeWalt, and he really hit it out of the park. Jeff preached about our spiritual identity given to us when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Both he and Pastor Jean-Claude were incredibly passionate throughout, and it was clear that both Americans and Haitians in the congregation were engaged. After church, we stopped at the IDADEE orphanage on our way home for lunch to see the mothers there hand out some of the homemade dresses sewn by another Pittsburgh congregation (and delivered by our team). The girls seemed to love them, and they looked absolutely adorable! We also had some T-shirts for the young boys, but we were unable to stay to see those passed out as well. We then returned to Joshua House for a quick lunch before spending the afternoon at the home of Pastor Jean-Claude’s family. While the rest of the team played games with the children, painted their fingernails and toenails, and talked with Pastor Jean-Claude’s wife Monica, Bob and Sandy sat down with Pastor Jean-Claude and his co-pastors, Pastor Pierre and Pastor Delorean, to hear about their vision for their ministry here and brainstorm additional ways that North Way can help serve in that process. Overall, it was a beautiful day filled with worship, praise, and family. We will need to rest up tonight because tomorrow we will be hiking up to Pastor Jean-Claude’s “mountain church.” As Mike has been persistently reminding us all day, the word of the day is “HYDRATE”! ?