• Financial Stewardship

Financial Stewardship

The Pastors and Elders of North Way Christian Community believe that the proper stewardship of our church’s resources is one of our most important responsibilities. As such, we have taken great care to establish independent checks and balances throughout the process. North Way is a church governed by its Elders, a group of Biblically qualified men called by God to lead this body. They appoint the Elders Council – a subset of Elders with business and administrative gifts – to manage North Way’s business affairs. In addition to the Elders Council, North Way’s financial affairs are overseen by a group of member volunteers that comprise the church’s Finance Council. This provides us with independent oversight at several levels in our organization. These councils have drafted and approved a set of Financial Disciplines that guide church leadership on the handling of resources brought into the church. North Way voluntarily submits all financial transactions to an independent certified public accounting firm. Each year, the firm completes a full external financial audit of North Way in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards (GAAS). We have successfully passed every financial review since we initiated the practice in 1988. In addition, we make these audited financial statements publicly available, demonstrating our careful stewardship and accountability with our congregation’s resources. Any North Way member can review a copy of the most recent audited financial statements by requesting to meet with finance director Emily Cook. North Way also voluntarily submits to the standards of accountability required to become a member in good standing of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), the benchmark oversight organization for stewardship excellence in the non-profit sector. We have gone to great lengths to remain faithful and proactive in safeguarding North Way’s financial integrity through careful stewardship and internal and external accountability. Our partnership with you, our church family, is crucial in our efforts to honor God with our use of all of His resources to bring Jesus to the forefront of all we do. Thank you for your partnership, stewardship, and faithful giving! North Way’s United Way Code: 224954 North Way is a proud member-in-good-standing of the ECFA EFA ECFA membership requires strict compliance with their standards, including comprehensive screening prior to membership, annual reviews, and field audits.