First Time Guests

North Way Kids is run by volunteers who passionately strive to create environments where your child is safe, cared for, and loved. Here’s what you need to know: Arrival Please arrive to the Family Welcome Area 20 minutes before the start of the service you plan to attend so we can assure we have all the information necessary to enroll your child. Our classrooms will open to receive your child 15 minutes before the service begins. When you check in, a volunteer will instruct you on how you can be reached during the service. Enrollment To best serve your family, children are assigned to North Way Kids experiences based on ages and developmental stages. Safety and Security To protect your child, we adhere to strict safety guidelines. A Safety Team is present during all services, and all regular North Way Kids volunteers have an application and background check on file. Upon check-in to your child’s assigned classroom, your child will receive a name tag with a unique identification number, and you will receive a Parent Receipt with your child’s name and that same identification number. Your child will be unable to check out of North Way Kids until your matching Parent Receipt is presented. Welcome to North Way! We’re excited to get to know your family!