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Explore a Call

As a young adult, you face some challenging questions. What is my calling? How am I uniquely wired to join God on mission? Perhaps you believe you are being called into vocational ministry. But how do you know? Where do you start? Our internship program is a safe place to grow as a leader while taking the first steps to explore a call to ministry. Our interns receive the necessary experience, training, and accountability to become more spiritually mature, Christ-centered leaders—all while gaining a deeper understanding of what it looks like to work in the local church. Growth North Way’s internship ministry is designed to help young leaders explore their calling while growing in their faith, character, and competence. Faith The most important outcome for any intern is to grow closer to Jesus. By the end of your internship, you will have an understanding of God’s character, ways, and mission. Character Now is the time to lay a firm foundation of who you will be for the rest of your life. We’ll help you grow in areas of honesty, integrity, and reliability. Competence Whether or not your career will be in full-time ministry, certain skills will be invaluable. As an intern, you’ll be stretched in areas such as communication, organization, interpersonal skills, and time management. You will also grow in ministry-specific skills. Calling As a college student, you are likely discerning what your next major steps in life will be. We want to come alongside you and help you follow God’s leading.

Environments of Growth

Mentorship Our goal is that both your direct report and another mentor at North Way will provide ongoing care, discipleship, and leadership development. Intern Meetings At our monthly all-campus intern meetings, you’ll learn from some of our best leaders. You will engage in challenging discussions about faith and leadership, and experience prayer and encouragement from your small group. Hands-On Ministry Experience In your ministry department, you’ll be trained by experienced leaders who will equip you to take ownership of ministry in ways that will help you grow in your abilities and confidence. Church Community There are many opportunities to build community within the church beyond the internship ministry, such as worship services and small groups.


What We Expect From You Commitment Engage in your ministry 10 hours per week for the semester. Passion Approach your tasks and relationships with energy and enthusiasm. Integrity Be honest and transparent, following through on your word. Humility Respect everyone involved with your ministry and put others’ needs above your own. What You Can Expect From Us Clarity Through a straightforward job description and clear communication from your direct report, you will know your responsibilities. Development The internship ministry exists to help you grow as a leader. Hands-on learning will sharpen your skills and regular times of feedback and reflection will offer personal development. Relationship You are a valuable team member! Relationships will be integral to your success! Your internship includes building relationships with your direct report, other interns, and multiple North Way staff members. Leadership Opportunities We will work with you to provide meaningful and significant ministry opportunities and challenges that allow you to grow in your unique gifts.


Since the inception of the program, North Way has graduated nearly 200 interns. The program helped to prepare them to lead where God placed them. These incredible leaders are doing great things for Christ in their spheres of influence. Tolu Current status: Paramedic, Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital During my internship, I learned that regardless of what experience we may bring to the table, the Lord will use us and our gifts to further the Kingdom if we’re willing. North Way recognizes this, and is committed to developing young adults into leaders who use their talents and passions to introduce the Gospel to their community. Sammie Current status: Program coordinator, Anglicans for Life North Way’s internship ministry fulfilled my college experience like no other program could have: I was able to develop my passions and talents, learn how to walk with Jesus in community, be challenged and humbled consistently, and build meaningful and Kingdom-centered relationships with students who are desperately searching for an answer to who they are. I am humbled to have been used by God to lead young people to knowing Him. Ultimately, my time at North Way has led me to developing myself not only personally, but also professionally. I gained skills that I could never gain in the classroom. The way I was poured into by my elders shaped how I will pour into others; I can confidently say that I am better because of every experience that my internship experience allowed me to have. Peter Current status: Production Leader, North Way Sewickley Valley The intern program was great for me because it really met me where I was at as a young leader. It was a great way to get hands-on experience living out what I had been learning. It was a place to practice being a young leader, step into leadership situations, and be poured into by leaders and elders of the church. Looking back, my internship experience was the perfect stepping stone into a full-time position. I got an inside look of what ministry looks like on a week-in, week-out basis. Alyssa Current status: Teacher, The Watson Institute North Way’s internship program gave me experience in my field of study, but it also gave me mentors in the same field to help me discover my gifts and strengths in a Christian environment. I most enjoyed getting the opportunity to use those gifts by the responsibilities that were put on me during my kids ministry internship!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should apply? The ideal candidate is someone who is exploring a call to ministry or a related field. Our internships are learning environments where participants can explore what it is like to work in vocational ministry. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and to have completed high school or the equivalent. Will the internship be paid? We have both paid and unpaid internships available, depending on the campus and area of ministry. When should I apply? Intern spots are limited and the application process is competitive. We recommend applying on the following schedule:
  • Summer internship (June through August): Apply by March 31
  • Fall internship (September through December): Apply by June 30
  • Spring internship (January through May): Apply by October 31
Can I receive college credit? We’ve had many North Way interns receive college credit for their internships. This is something you need to work out with your university. We will provide whatever documentation they need. What areas of focus are available for internships? Many! The most common North Way internships are in the areas of kids ministry, student ministry, worship, and guest services. But we have also created internships for creative arts, social media, business, and global missions. What is the time commitment for an internship? Ten hours per week. This is not exactly 10 hours each week, but an average of 10/week over the course of the semester.