January 23, 2018 | Team Building Fun Day with YWAM Pittsburgh

We had such an incredible time this past Saturday. There is something so invigorating about being around children. Their warmth, fun, ready hugs (and requests for piggyback rides) are a matchless joy. Today, we had the opportunity to volunteer at Youth with a Mission Pittsburgh’s Kids Club they host every Saturday morning for refugee kids around the Pittsburgh area. This local mission partner is building into the lives of so many children through this weekly event and so much more -- look them up to see if you want to get involved, and keep them in prayer! The day started out with a free for all play in the gym and oh my gosh, what a blast we all had! Basketballs, kickballs and hula hoops were flying -- and other than one of us getting hot sauce spilled on them at lunch -- no one got hurt the entire day! Once all the kids were driven in by YWAM staff, we shepherded/herded the kids down the hall to participate in some praise songs, and listen to a short message. From then, we were split up according to age group (preK through 1st grade, 2nd through 4th grade, and 5th and up) and dispersed to games (we played Sharks and Minnows), review (an awesome devotional and object lesson on how the Holy Spirit pours into us so we can pour out to other people), and then a Scripture craft. Seeing the openheartedness of all these kids to sit on laps and talk our ears off really puts into perspective the little worries we adults carry around. The freedom in laughing at horrible hula-hooping, missing a basket, or being asked why we Americans love macaroni and cheese so much? It all refocused many of us today. As to why we’re going to Haiti, but more than that—why we, as believers, are called to be salt and light in the world. Going down to the Kids Club for three hours was a small thing, sure, but we are called to faithful in little before being entrusted with much to be faithful in. And as it turns out, you learn a lot about the character of God and His love in the process of playing with these kids who are so wildly beautiful, caring and giving.