July 12, 2017 | High School Camp Update

We’ve had an AMAZING time so far at High School Camp! We arrived late Monday afternoon after a smooth bus ride, and jumped right into a jam packed evening of teaching, worship, and small groups. There are over 2,000 other campers from different churches who are with us down here, so (as you can imagine) there is so much energy and excitement everywhere we go! We are staying at a place called The Wilderness in the Smokies, which is a beautiful resort situated at the base of the Smoky Mountains. The students are loving being able to explore the resort with all of it’s fun water parks and recreation areas, and we are blown away by the amazing hospitality of everyone here. I guess that’s the South for ya!! During the days we have been participating in morning and night sessions of teaching. The theme of the camp this year is “FOR” (not the number 4, but the preposition “for”). We are talking about the idea that God is FOR us, not against us, so in response we should be FOR others. Here is a brief snapshot of the main session breakdowns so far: Monday: God if FOR you, we are called to love & not to judge Tuesday AM: Someone needs you to be FOR them Tuesday PM: You’re surrounded by people who are FOR you Wednesday AM: What’s one group of people we can be FOR? The speakers have been amazing, and the students have been able to spend some great time discussing and processing through small groups and personal devotional time after the sessions. During the days between lunch and dinner we have large chunks of “free time” to go hang out in the indoor/outdoor waterpark, or participate in some of the fun activities that the camp is hosting. HS Camp is doing a great job so far of mixing fun with depth, and getting all of us to really enjoy our time while learning and applying so many foundational truths about the Lord. It’s like a big flood of constant community, fun, laughter, tears, learning, singing, playing, and praising all wrapped up in one week. Oh, and obviously the food is amazing. I mean really, it’s Tennessee. 😉 There are some photos included of the waterpark and group sessions for you to see. So far we are loving camp!!!