North Way Christian Community Church in Pittsburgh, PA

July 28, 2018 | All God’s Children

Black and yellow, red and white. We are all God’s children of the world. As we are here at the orphanage for our second day, this song keeps ringing in my head. All the kids here are the ages of my children. This post can only be written at this specific point of my life. Having children you notice that there are certain sounds, hand gestures, looks, desires, and needs. Every child needs love, every child needs a hug, a word of encouragement, and Jesus. We headed to the children’s home for the second day. We had plans of a lesson, a story, lunch, and then play. I have to admit as usual I was consumed by the schedule. I wanted to move through each activity to the next with always something going on. But the fluidity of the day was the best part. The lesson was something that was taught in Kids Church. A very simple but powerful lesson Jesus taught in Mathew Chapter 14:22. Jesus walking on water. It’s short, direct, easily acted out, and easily translated but its meaning transcends language barriers. Trust in Him, focus on Him. Even when we lose focus or take our eyes off of Jesus, He is there to pick us up and with Jesus we too can walk on water. As I said before, kids are kids. The playtime was just like it would be at any picnic, any neighborhood, or any backyard in the summer. We laughed, played keep away, played soccer, played games. All of us are Dads. We were their Dads. They were our kids. We ate lunch on the floor. They served us, we served them. We were like family enjoying the same delicious fried chicken all around a circle. Oh and then there was iced pop for dessert. There’s always something about breaking bread with others that brings things together. Things weren’t separate before the meal, but the meal just brought us closer together. Here the meals are longer, less rushed. They are enjoyed. The meal was plentiful. On to the next day ….. -- Josh Elliott