July 29, 2019 | Is it “Blackened Chicken” or “Black Chicken?”

The students had off from school for the King’s birthday, and we were glad to have extra hands for today’s hard work! We poured concrete to lay the floor for the storage shed, inside the greenhouse. Mixing concrete the Thai way was a bit of a process, but the boys had it down to a T! The extra hands were good for assembly line work and it is always nice to be around the students when we can. They have such great attitudes and love to joke around! Today we were thankful for a delicious lunch to keep us fueled served by one of Bill and Susie’s first students, Apon. The team was told we were having black chicken, which caused some confusion when most people were picturing blackened jerk chicken and got literal black chicken. It was a fun day to be out and enjoy the sunny weather! The team also went to the night Bazaar for dinner and a LOT of shopping for gifts. 🙂 We are still feeling blessed to be here working alongside the students and making sure we remember to stop and appreciate the beautiful views God has painted for us. (Oh also a neighbor’s dog keeps stealing ONE of Doug’s shoes every night…luckily the missing shoe gets found in some odd place the next day. He will be putting his shoes on the back porch from now on.)