June 1, 2017 | Prayer and preparation

We are just a few weeks away from our Thailand trip and our anticipation as a team just keeps building. We are in the process of making sure we have all our last details finalized! This trip will be different than a “traditional” mission trip in the sense that this mission trip will be more specialized to our team. We are bringing a team to specifically lead worship for missionaries around Asia, gathering together in Thailand. There are two things that really excite me as we prepare for this trip. One, some of the missionaries we will minster to will be North Way missionary partners! This trip will be a continuation of relationships that have already been built, along with building new relationships. The second thing that excites me is the ability to use my gifting to minister to missionaries. Our team will be walking into an environment and creating a place for people to worship just like we do every weekend. The only difference is we are on the other side of the world!! The God we serve is not a God of any single location, but rather an omnipresent God. What better way to experience that omnipresence than to worship with followers from around the world. Please pray for safe, smooth travel for our team and for the missionaries around the world who will be joining with us in Thailand. That all of our equipment and instruments will arrive when we arrive! Pray for God to pour his living water into the wells of these missionaries.