June 10, 2018 | Day 1 – Travel Day

Today we made our way to Haiti. It was a a smooth trip and now we have some culture shock. I was told once that I should always look for hope in all situations. That’s what Joe told us to do here too. See past the poverty, he said, everyone sees that, and look at the hope and the growth that God has planted there. So we did. We saw kids splashing and jumping around to make pumping water fun. We saw indescribable views of mountains and jungles in and amidst the city itself. We saw businesses literally named God is Good Depot and The Lord is my Friend store. We saw the bright colors that cover the city in light and joy, so much so you can see past the trash and poverty and into the culture and the life that is abundant there. So to answer the question, Day 1 was amazing, and we haven’t even begun. We made it with all 11 people and there have been smiles and laughs all around. We saw past the poverty into the breathtaking place that is Haiti. And I for one can’t wait for what’s next.