June 10, 2019 | Pre-trip Preparations

This mission trip is designed to be a mixture of meaningful service, work, and spiritual growth that will lead to a life-changing, faith-building experience. We believe that through this trip we will not only serve other people but will have drawn closer to God in new and exciting ways. Our goals on this trip will be: to interact with the host family and the students living in their dorms, working on English skills when needed, to interact with students to help build their Christian faith, plan to visit with HIV families, deliver food and pray for their needs.
We are all VERY excited to be so close to our leave date to Thailand! We could use prayer support for guidance and comfort, as 3/5 team members have not experienced a mission trip out of the country. Prayers that any funds still needed will be provided. Our team has the energy and excitement for our journey and we pray that this will continue throughout our time serving!