June 11, 2018 | Day 2 – Field Day

Before Haiti, the concept of abundant love was difficult to fully understand here on Earth… until today. The amount of love and joy that the children and leaders have shown in just this first day was almost incomprehensible. From the minute the kids stepped off the bus to the minute they stepped back on there was joy beyond joy. We always heard about the way the kids cling to us leaders, but that came with nerves that we wouldn’t be picked by one of the kids. Let me tell you, those kids did not care who you were, what you looked like, or what you were doing. If they wanted to hold your hand they would. If they wanted to be picked up they would jump on you. And if they wanted to dance (as they always do) you were dragged into the giant dance circle and you prayed that you wouldn’t be stepped on too many times. There was love everywhere you went, from random kids running up to you like they knew you for years to 16 year old Haitian leaders stepping up and leading a group of 10 kids in “Jesus Loves Me.” It was an incredible experience to be surrounded by that much love and joy when most of the time we couldn’t understand what was being said around us. The excitement flowed through the room and we couldn’t help but get caught up in, no matter the fact we didn’t know what we were getting excited about. Abundant love and joy beyond joy is truly embodied in these kids in Haiti. And I wonder what would happen if each of us took just a bit of that back to America? What could we change in our own backyards?