June 12, 2018 | Day 3 – Beach Day

At the end of the debrief meeting last night, Brad Henderson said that the goal of tomorrow basically was to make sure no one was in over their heads. This would be an impossible goal considering the fact that a team of 30 English-speaking, mostly students are running a week long summer camp for over 200 creole-speaking kids. We have been in over our heads since before the plan took off and there really is no other way that this sort of thing could be accomplished. Our entire team is running solely on prayer and the hope for the next dance party. Brad, of course, meant this literally as today was Beach day and the kids are not great swimmers. But still the above points remain true. As does the fact that the kids, as overly excited as they are for the ocean, can’t really swim. All day kids were climbing all over their leaders. Some suffered scratch marks, others will not be able to lift anything tomorrow because of the 3+ kids they had on them at all times. Almost all suffered from sunburn. And yes, we were all in way over our heads, figuratively. Today was one of two beach days and I have a feeling the next will be very similar. Bonds were made today out of mutual love for God’s creation that have crushed language barriers and insecurities alike. And I for one, can’t wait to see what God does next.