June 14, 2018 | Day 5 – Field Day

Today was our last regular camp day and it was even better than the first. By now relationships have formed, our team is closer than ever, and we have all gotten to the point where the heat isn’t that bad. That last part may be a lie but the rest is true. The Haitians have this tradition at the beginning and end of every club to sing the surf city song. This is no ordinary song, it is a half an hour dance party performed by the worship team live. In short, it’s organized chaos. Today was the first day that everyone who wasn’t a Haitian made it into that circle. Initially, this was terrifying for a few reasons: 1. The Haitians can dance better than anyone I’ve ever seen, so there is a bit of pressure there. 2. It is a LARGE group of Haitians. And 3. It’s hot, shocking, I know. But after accepting all of that, it was actually one of the coolest things because it showed that all of the Haitians embraced us as a whole for what we are doing. It was actually kind of awesome to get that extra confirmation that what we are doing is what we should be doing.