June 15, 2018 | Day 6 – Beach Day

When it comes down to the last day, every moment becomes even more important because we are trying to soak up every last bit that we can get. And like every other cliche out there, it’s the little things that count the most. Having three kids fall asleep on you on the bus and being so hot but loving every second. Teaching a kid to swim and having them finally get it. Getting your hair cornrowed at girl’s night and having it hurt so bad but it’s fine because they are so excited to play with flat hair. Playing psychiatrist until obscene hours into the night aka 11:30 because sleep is necessary for survival. Karaoke in the bed of the terrifying red truck. Giving piggyback ride after piggyback ride. Eating way too much rice and beans because it’s too good. Sunburn. Surf City dance circles. And so much more that we just don’t have time for. Surf City Haiti was an amazing experience of little moments and big laughs. It defied heat expectations as well as all others. And we all can’t wait to come back next year.