June 16, 2018 | His timing

A few more days! Andrew, John and I (Grace) are so excited for this trip. This trip has been a testament of God’s timing. Planning for an India trip has been in the works for the last two years and it just never seemed to happen. We left it to God and we decided to wait for his timing. Sure enough, he made this happen! God is never early or late, He is right on HIS time. And his timing is always perfect. It is interesting how God teaches us these valuable “nuggets” in the most unexpected ways. As we have been praying and preparing for this trip, God has been reminding us to seek his wisdom and follow him daily. One of my prayers for this trip is that as a team we will draw closer to God and fall immensely in love with God as we strive to teach the college students on spiritual formation. So that this trip will be a transformative experience for the students as well as for the three of us. Please do keep us in your prayers especially for Andrew and John for protection and health during their time in India.