June 20, 2017 | It’s not about us.

It’s not about us. Today was the first full day of our team being together, leading out at the conference.  After an almost 96 hour ordeal to get here, we were finally able to do what God called us to and minister to an incredible group of missionaries  and give them the opportunity to freely worship together!  We were excited and expectant and ready to do what we had been asked to do. This is what we had been praying for and working toward!  I wish I could say that every part of it was smooth and brilliant and perfectly executed, but it wasn’t.  In fact, we missed notes and song cues, lyrics were off, some of us struggled to hear ourselves,  we were jet lagged and tired, and adjusting to a totally new environment, just to name a few things.   But it didn’t matter in the least, because the presence of God moved powerfully and we served Him joyfully – His presence was strong and it had nothing to do with us.  It never does.   In fact, it wasn’t even about the missionaries we were leading.  Don’t get me wrong, these beautiful, courageous, and inspiring men and women are serving  in some of the most difficult and unrewarding environments and are worth every effort made to encourage, lift up, love and serve them.  It is completely humbling to hear their stories and it is an honor to minister to them.  But, it still isn’t about them.  It is about Jesus.  End of story.  It is about proclaiming His name throughout the earth.  It is about surrendering and abandoning everything to give Him all the glory, in whatever capacity He has called us to.  It is about worshipping Him with every fiber of our being and joyfully laying down the right to ourselves.  It is about adoring the one true God and creating a place for His presence to dwell in our lives, so that people are drawn to Him through us  and that relationship.  Today was about us coming together, as children of God, to worship and adore our good, kind and loving Father who bankrupted Heaven to be in relationship with us.  He deserves ALL the glory.  That is and always will be what it’s about.