June 20, 2018 | Knowledge vs. Relationship

Sleep comes easily to the weary travelers who, despite weather delays at Newark, landed at Mumbai airport pretty much on time. As the 777 was descending, the sun was also setting; thus the speed with which darkness surrounded us was more pronounced than usual. And because of the darkness, we really had little idea what our surroundings looked like, either at the airport or the hotel, until we woke this morning. Poverty seems to find and fill nearly every available nook and cranny. While looking over this small pocket of slums, I was reminded of thoughts I had just before getting out of bed; what a profound difference between head knowledge and heart knowledge. Even some of those living in such places may have heard about Jesus and may even know some details of his life, but oh what a difference to have a life-changing personal encounter with him. John and I prayed over this neighborhood that a messenger would come to introduce some of them to the One who is the Light that overcomes darkness.