June 20, 2019 | Honduras CCI Day 2

Our host families dropped us off in the city center of Tegucigalpa this morning. This day was dedicated to getting to know more about the Honduran culture, so we started at a museum that was formally the presidential palace of Honduras until 1992. We were given a tour of the building, and we were even invited into a special room that contains the national archives for Honduras where visitors are normally not allowed go. It was so interesting to learn about hundreds of years of history. We ate lunch in a food court, then we headed to the national art museum to learn more about Honduran culture through local artists. The tour guide was thrilled to show us the best artists from Honduras, and she really helped us to interact with the various different artistic approaches. Then, we hit the streets of the city center for a scavenger hunt. We sent the teenagers out as a group to explore some on their own, and several adult groups also competed to take pictures with interesting things while interacting with local residents. We gathered one more time at the end of the day to prepare for our many activities that are planned during our first trek to the municipal garbage dump tomorrow where we will spend the day with children and families from the AFE urban ministry center. We have another intense day planned tomorrow, so hopefully everyone will rest well with their host families tonight. Now that we have a better grasp on the local culture, we’re more prepared to engage with our friends at AFE in the morning. Looking forward to everything that God has in store for us.