June 21, 2018 | Day Three Update

I keep saying it, but this team is incredible! Everyone just jumps right into whatever we’re doing. Today we visited the AFE urban ministry for the first time. That’s the ministry that we partner with to take children camping for three days through CCI and Dr. Lisa Anderson-Umana’s ministry. We met many of the same young people that we met last year during our trip, so we’re excited to be coming back. We visited the garbage dump which is where the AFE families live and work. This is the second time I’ve visited the garbage dump, and it has been very intense each time. Our team was very moved by the experienced. We’re more inspired than ever to assist with the camp over the next few days in order to help create a fun experience for the 14 to 18 year olds that we’ll be serving with. We also walked around to visit families who live in the slums around the garbage dump. We practiced appreciative inquiry and searched for signs of hope where God is at work. God is truly doing a great work here, and we’re fortunate to listen to and learn from our friends here about God’s redemptive mission. The city is teaching us, and the people living on the margins of this grand city are teaching us about life, perseverance, courage, passion for the Lord, and patience in the midst of suffering and oppressive systems. I did some teaching today on poverty alleviation and urban shalom. Lisa did some teaching on cross cultural engagement as well. So far the team has been very open to the theories we’re learning, and we’re applying what we’re learning right away in this urban environment. Tonight we’re back with our host families, and we’re looking forward to getting started with the camping experience through the incredible local leaders at CCI tomorrow. Please continue to pray for our team and for the work that we’ll be involved in during the days to come.