June 21, 2019 | Honduras CCI Day 3

Our Honduran host families dropped us off with Lisa Anderson-Umana early this morning so that we could head up to the AFE urban ministry for the day. Our team played games, taught English, and made crafts with the young people at AFE while Lisa and her CCI team of instructors trained the AFE staff on an educational curriculum that they’ll be utilizing with the children throughout the school year. That training will be a huge blessing to the AFE staff and the children that they serve. Our group is exhausted from spending all day in the sun hanging out our friends at AFE, but we’re having so much fun. We also spent some time serving with our friends from AFE at the Tegucigalpa municipal garbage dump. We had some times of reflection and we read through Isaiah 58 and Matthew 25 to learn more from the Bible about God’s heart for people living on the margins of society. Tonight we’re all back with our host families before we spend the next three days camping with the AFE 14 to 18 year olds near Valle de Angeles. God is doing amazing things here. Please keep praying for us!