June 22, 2018 | Day Four Update

After spending the night last night with our host families, we all gathered this morning and made our way to Lisa’s house. She did some last minute training with us about building relationships with the local leaders and campers, and we did some team building activities to prepare for the next couple of days with the young people from AFE. A couple of the team members got sick today (Carl and Becca), so they’ve been spending most of the day resting at Lisa’s house. Please pray for quick healing for them so that they can join the camping experience. We also had a hang up with one of the pickup trucks breaking down. It was carrying food for the camp. We’re trying to figure out a solution to get the food to the camp, so please pray for that. Otherwise, everything is still going very well. Please continue to pray for our team as we connect with our friends at AFE over the next couple of days. We are confident that the Lord has a lot in store.