North Way Christian Community Church in Pittsburgh, PA

Karen Church Visit | March 5, 2017

We had a great second day with YWAM and the refugees. We were honored to be able to attend and participate in a church service of our Karen brothers and sisters in Christ. This church uses YWAM’s 2nd building on Sunday mornings for worship, so we helped them set up the room and had a chance for all of the North Way team to lead the church in two songs of worship. We have a very musical team (Kevin on djembe, Angela on keys, Pat on Mandolin, Dan on guitar, and everyone else singing)! We listened to a sermon in another language on the love of God from 1 John 4. Then after the service, we celebrated four of the children’s birthdays with cake and a huge delicious meal that the church had prepared. The Karen people were so warm and hospitable. It was awesome to be reminded of how God’s kingdom spans ethnicities and languages and we are all adopted in to the same family of God through Christ.