Kids Club and Home Visits | March 4, 2017

Today was an amazing first day. We spent the morning at Walnut Grove Assembly of God helping with kids club. The lesson today was about God’s promise to Abraham and that with God, nothing is impossible. We put together a skit that involved Dan training for the arm wrestling championship of the world. He was going up against Pat the Powerhouse Michael. Kevin was training him with a mind, cardio, and quickness exercise. For each exercise, Dan thought he could trust Rachel and Sarah, but only Sarah kept her promise. Dan wound up winning the championship, and the kids learned that with God, anything is possible, and that God, like Sarah in the play, will always keep His promise. The rest of kids club included worship, games, craft, review, and lunch. After this, we split up into groups to hand out flyers for the talent show and other events happening this week. Each of the groups had unique and memorable home visits, and had the pleasure of meeting a lot of new people. We are so excited to continue this journey and see what else God has in store for us.