Lisa’s Story

Serving with United World Mission and Christian Camping International, Lisa focuses on leadership development by training indigenous leaders who, in turn, train and develop other future leaders. She lives in Tegucigalpa, Honduras with her husband Alfredo and her two children, Valerie and Víctor. Lisa has been serving in Christian camping since 1983, having started out at Camp Kikoten, Mexico. In 1990, she became the director of leadership development for CCI Latin America. The manner in which CCI impacts children and young people for Christ is through structured and tiered leadership development. Watch this video to learn more about their ministry! Lisa’s Blog

About Honduras

Honduras is a stunningly beautiful, yet bullet-ridden country. There is a war for young people’s souls as powerful gangs called maras battle in the streets, lending Honduras one of the highest murder rates in the world. Many destitute children called pepenadores live in garbage dumps and are at risk of being siphoned into maras, exploited as sex workers, or murdered in the name of “social cleansing.” There is a great need for youth ministries to attend to these children, provide a safe living situation, and a solid education. Unemployment was recorded at 28% in 2010; the brutal cycle of poverty continues like a plague. Christian ministries have seen success by providing Honduran youths with job training, after school programs, and mentoring programs. Christian Camping International is one of the most effective organizations in pioneering these types of youth programs.

      Ways to Pray 1. For solidarity among believers to reach the young people of Honduras. 2. Open doors for the Gospel to be shared in culturally relevant ways and ready hearts to receive Jesus as Savior. 3. Freedom for the millions affected by poverty, gang violence, and corruption.

Honduras Facts Population: 8,304,677 Capital: Tegucigalpa Primary Religion: Catholicism Language: Spanish