North Way Christian Community Church in Pittsburgh, PA

May 18, 2017 | First full day

MONDAY Our flight was scheduled to leave Pittsburgh at 2:35pm, but was delayed a bit. We still made it to Atlanta with just enough time to get onto our next flight to San Francisco. Once in San Fran we had to navigate to the international terminal, which was not labeled very well, so let’s just say we rode the tram long enough to pass our actual stop a few times. We had a good laugh about not being able to navigate a US city and here we are heading to Asia. Our flight from San Fran left around midnight (3 am Pittsburgh time) and flew for a little over 14 hours. WEDNESDAY We landed in China! You might notice that I skipped Tuesday…that’s because we did. As we flew over the international date line Tuesday disappeared for us. So we landed in Guangzhou, China around 5:15 am local time and waited for ANOTHER flight. This one would be our fourth and last. We flew from China to arrive in Siem Reap, Cambodia at 10:25am local time. We connected with Hubert, a native Texan who now lives in Cambodia, and off we went for a two hour ride to the town of Sisophon. We settled into our accommodations and then off we went to meet the “Nationals.” The nationals are a brilliant groups of young men and women in their 20s who have grown up in Cambodia, gone to university with the help of SEAPC, and now work for SEAPC. We prepped, prayed, and praised together. It was a great evening even though jet lag attempted to rob our team of the joyful moment. We finally retired to bed around 8pm. THURSDAY Today was our first full day on the ground. Our primary task on this trip is to come alongside the nationals and teach English in public schools in the Banteay Meanchey province. To say the least…our team was nervous. None of us are teachers and none of us speak the local language. However, with the curriculum that we were given and the nationals leading by our side, we got through the day with some highs, lows, and a renewed sense of excitement. Now it’s Thursday evening (9:30 am Pittsburgh time). We are all exhausted, filled with some amazing Pad Thai for dinner, and ready to go at it again tomorrow in a different school. Now that we’re up and running…more to come on the blog!