North Way Christian Community Church in Pittsburgh, PA

May 19, 2017 | Go again

This morning on the ride to the school we were going to work in I shared with our team two of the most impactful words in the Old Testament. They come in the story of the prophet Hosea. If you don’t know his story, you should take some time to read it. God asks Hosea to do the unthinkable. He asks him to marry a prostitute to serve as a living illustration of God’s relationship with humanity. Even though God has always been faithful to humanity we often turn from Him and chase after other “loves.” Yet His pursuit of us is relentless. His love for us is inexhaustible. He encourages Hosea to do the same in regards to his wife. Each time she leaves. Each time she cheats. Each time she pursues other “loves”…Hosea tracks her down and continues to love her. Just like God never gives up on us. And so what are the two most powerful words in the OT? Hosea 3:1, “Go again…”. He tells him to keep going. Don’t give up. Sure, we’re tired. “Go again.” Yes, it’s hot. “Go again.” Some of us don’t feel 100%. “Go again.” These kids. This mission. It’s worth all the discomfort in the world. So here we are today…going again. Please continue to pray for us. Praise the Lord.