May 8, 2018 | “But God!”

In just under six weeks, Andrew Nimick and I (John Hoogerbrugge) will be leaving for India. Andrew has been there four times in the past fifteen years, but this will be my first time. I am extremely glad that he is travelling with me; I will, and already am, leaning on his experience. What a blessing to be travelling with someone who has been there before and “knows the ropes!” Our preparations are going quite well as we formulate our plans through prayer seeking God’s guidance in all we do. Excitement is building in our hearts, yet at the same time I feel a bit apprehensive; which is nothing unusual for me whenever I travel by plane. What if my plane gets delayed and I miss my next connection? What if my luggage doesn’t arrive with me? What if customs won’t let me in? What if? What if? Those of you who have traveled before certainly understand. However, one of my spiritual mentors many years ago had a favorite saying, “But God!” Regardless of the situation, he would respond with, “But God!” When God goes before us and with us, the “what ifs” fall by the wayside. So we go in faith knowing that even if the “what ifs” do come to pass, God is still going ahead of us and with us. He will continue to lead us and guide us through every situation we will experience. And I truly am looking forward to this experience.