May 9, 2017 | Fear Hates Adventure

Artist Scott Erickson recently published a series of paintings in which phrases were painted onto line art drawings of human hands. The first in the series has a hand held up as though to tell the audience “stop”, but on the palm is written “Fear Hates Adventure”. Scott’s caption says, “Of course you’re afraid…you’re about to be transformed.” That’s what adventure does! It transforms us. And transformation is not always welcomed boldly into our lives. Transformation has the potential to do one of two things. It can cause us to stop moving forward out of fear or it can expand our world beyond the personal globe we live in. It can give us a bigger lens by which to view the world. To say that I am proud of this group of people is an understatement. Each of them first approached me about this trip with a sense of trepidation. Each of them had valid questions to ask. Each of them had concerns about foreign food, raising funds, and cultural differences. After weighing the known with the unknown each of them took a step forward to claim this was one adventure that fear would not keep them from. So off we go this coming Monday, May 15th! Please pray for our travel and check back here often for updates from the team members. Pastor John Reilly