Mirna and Diana’s Story

Mirna and Diana worked together to develop Camp Kikomar, located on the Gulf of Mexico near the city of Tuxpan. Besides camp construction, their ministry involves teaching and training people in the Bible and counseling. They also have a special burden for indigenous people, and seek to support persecuted believers. Their goals are to share God’s love with students and their families, to establish young believers in faith through worship, fellowship and discipleship, to equip believers so they can serve others, and to improve the quality of life for boarding school and dormitory students. They are committed to this project and expect God to do great things, and they thank you for your prayers and support!

About Mexico

From ancient Aztec monuments to coastal shores and mangrove swamps along the Gulf, Mexico is a nation infused with history and beauty. Spanish influences have endured since the Conquest and Catholicism still pervades culture. Foreign trade has modernized the country, but the economic benefits have mostly lined the pockets of a small, but powerful elite class. The gap between rich and poor is immense and social ills abound in modern-day Mexico. Systematic corruption and rampant crime, often related to the drug trade, have driven 60% of the population into poverty and fear. Children who grow up in the squalor of the slums are left vulnerable to gang activity. There is a tremendous need for youth to receive mentoring and vocational training.

Ways to Pray 1. Unity among believers to show the love of God and faith in His goodness 2. Deliverance for those affected by corruption, gang violence, and drug abuse 3. For churches to help communities break the cycle of poverty

Mexico Facts Population: 129,504,000 Capital: Mexico City Primary Religion: Christianity Language: Spanish