MS Surf City 2017 We’re Back!

Well perhaps some of the beauty of not having any internet is the solitude that occurs in contrast to the constant “noise” that can be technology and Internet. But on the flip slide… this is our first blog post about Surf City. So we’re back and had an incredible trip! (Part 1 of 2 of our posts) We didn’t have any bumps along the road on the way there and way back, praise God – and once we arrived the students were greeted with tons of energy from the PKF staff and that set the standard for rest of the week. We participated in competitions amongst the other churches, went jet skiing, dune climbing, zip lining, horse back riding, battle barging, and flag capturing at night. Frankly there are not enough action verbs I could use to describe all the fun things we did. But the most fun was to see the Lord move and work in the students’ hearts. As I continue to live in my journey with Him I am always blown away by His goodness. In these moments the students and leaders are reminded that true satisfaction and joy is found in Him. The way I told the students was it’s like having a real Oreo and then eating a generic one. You know the difference, and frankly you don’t’ want as much of the “other” fun stuff when you taste how genuinely good God is. You won’t settle and you can’t because you’ve tasted the real deal. This whole week was the real deal. We had two girls accept Jesus for the first time and handfuls of students experience God’s presence for the first time during worship or the 20 minutes of silence. One of my guys said “ I always knew about Jesus, but I had never actually felt Him close to me like that, and towards the end of my time alone I began to sing to Him… and I’ve never done anything like that.” This was a new experience for him. He’s not alone. Some of our guys were in tears during cabin time, as they shared their stories with each other. Middle school boys!!! In tears. I won’t mention their names for the sake of their newly discovered masculine dignity… but God came and met some of them to heal their hearts in His goodness. Alas, there is more that happened this week, as the icing on the cake is one of our girls, Kylee Wargo, got baptized!! I’ll share more on this for the next post and I want to continue to spread (as we all should) how good God has been to the students and our leaders this past week. -JJ