North Way Christian Community Church in Pittsburgh, PA

MS Surf City Team Member Testimonies

Still reflecting and processing all that happened during Surf City. It’s like eating a ton of carbs – you know you need it and it’s going to give you energy (passion and excitement in this sense) but going to take some time to digest still. The icing on the cake for the trip was having Kylie Wargo be baptized. I don’t know if this has happened in recent Surf City history – but the fact that it occurred is just a testament to how good God has been to our students and just everyone there. Kylie said she has always connected with God at Surf City and it’s the place she wanted to be baptized. Kylie is probably one of the most friendly and warm students in our ministry. She is always smiling when I told our students who was being baptized many of them said, “I know her!” It’s a testimony to what God has done in Kylie’s heart to see her love the other students so well and how passionate she is about her faith. We’re super excited to see what God has in store for the next chapter of Kylie’s life as her church family. Surf City 2017 was a blast and marked by God’s goodness. To see His faithfulness show up in the lives of students and how much He yearns for our hearts is awesome. Prayer works… I continue to realize this – so many people at North Way praying for this trip, and God showed up. Thankful for this week and I know our students are as well – we are baptizing seven students this upcoming Wednesday and some are sighting Surf City as a transition point.