October 11, 2017 | Day 6 – Pastor Jean Claude’s Home

Today the team woke up to a most unwelcome guest outside the Joshua House on the front porch. I’ll spare you the shock of posting a photo of the MASSIVE spider that looked to be almost the size of a fist. We hope that ‘little guy’ doesn’t find his way into their sleeping quarters!! After that very eventful morning, the team had the pleasure of starting the day down at the IDADEE orphanage where they were able to watch the kids in their morning routine before school. They raise their national flag and then sing their national anthem. With the older kids this is a well practiced routine. With the kindergartners, they are still learning the sequence so it takes a little bit more time. Following this, the younger kids also do a set of calisthenics to start their day. After their fun morning at IDADEE, the team headed over to Pastor Jean Claude’s home once again to get some work done around his house (which is home to Jean Claude, his wife Monica, and their 13 children). They did some work fixing a lawn mower and a solar power generator, cleaning the windows, and repainting the grates that protect the windows. Aubrey-Grace, Bekah, and Katie also played monopoly and another game of soccer with the kids while Rob and Bryan took some time to discuss with Pastor Jean Claude about what future trips to Haiti might entail and other ways we can partner with our friends in Haiti to share Christ’s love. Tomorrow the team will get a much deserved break as they head out to an island off the coast and enjoy a day at the beach with some friends from EBAC. Please pray for their remaining two days in Haiti that the team would stay alert looking for ways that God would use them in the lives of those they come in contact with and also that they would be listening to hear His still, small voice in ways that are often only possible when we remove the distractions of our everyday lives.