October 17, 2018 | Day 2

We woke up to bright sunshine, roosters crowing, the sound of motorcycles and people beginning their day. After a quick breakfast we headed to Jubilee with Laura. We started with a tour at Klinik where we met everyone Laura works with daily. There were several people already there to be helped. Laura is incredibly respected and loved by her community, the people in Jubilee call her White Mamba!! Bri, Madison and Leigh Ann spent the morning and afternoon at School Jubilee where read English books with 5th graders and helped the school director translate books from English to Creole. Chris fixed a gate that has been causing a lot of trouble and began installing windows at the school. On our way home Laura took us to the market in town where bought fresh bananas, avocados, mangos, pineapple, passion fruit and grapefruit. It was crowded, loud, and full of lots of smells; an awesome experience.  We went back to Laura’s apartment where we met her pup Jako, enjoyed a delicious lunch, debriefed and rested. Laura gets her water from a pump at the entrance of her building. She fills up buckets and carries them up to her apartment where she fills a basin to use in her house. We were able to pump enough buckets to fill up her nearly empty basin. The water pumping was quite an event… her neighbors showed us how to pump the water correctly, chatted with us through body language and some translation by Laura. A little later we went to dinner at Laura’s favorite restaurant in Gonaives, which was excellent! We started a devotional walking through Psalms 119 we discussed over dinner. Ending our day with Truthful discussion on surrender and obedience was quite appropriate and a good reminder as we head into the rest of our week. Love from Laura : I loved giving them a tour of how my life looks on a daily basis… and pumping my water!