October 18, 2018 | Day 3

The team woke up this morning and since there was no school because of a Holiday we got to experience “A day in the life of a Haitian.” We headed to Jubilee and found Laura’s friends Paulette and Leila. Paulette is an awesome woman, who works at the school. She has five kids, her teenager is pregnant and her husband is out of work because his fishing nets are broken. Leila is a single mother with four kids, two foster kids and works at the clinic for Laura when there is work. They grabbed our hands and we headed to the market to pick out the things they needed. They bought, crabs, chicken, beef, peppers, garlic, citrus, herbs, spices, oil, charcoal, tomatoes and rice for roughly $7 American dollars. We then headed back to Leila’s house and all worked together in a circle, cutting vegetables, sorting out rice, seasoning the meat and got the outdoor fire pit ready. One pot went on the pit holding the rice and the other pot contained all the meat and veggies and was simmering in a spicy sauce. While things were cooking we were able to wash all of their dishes for them in a huge basin and joke around with the kids. All in all our Haitian cooking took about three hours. Not only did this experience show us the Haitian culture but we were able to bless these two hard working woman with money for food to feed their family! Shout out to Laura for knowing and loving her Haitian friends so well and bringing her two worlds together in such a beautiful way.

After that we got to drive out past the clinic and the trash dump to see the salt flats, which is a huge industry he in Haiti. Past the salt flats is the ocean and you can look back towards Jubilee and see the mountains behind that and just thank God for His creation and the joy that is here!

We headed back to the clinic and were able to see all the formula unloaded and stacked in a storage unit! The varieties of formula that we brought down was just what Laura needed because different babies with different needs come in all the time and she now has options of formula to give them. Thank you again for all that donated!

We then spent the afternoon relaxing and reflecting at a small little oasis near our guests house that has beautiful trees and a pool. We were able to ask Laura about the history of Haiti and talk about the protests that the States sometimes hear about and came to a realization that the people have come up against so much and yet still have hope and joy for the future of their country. They deserve politicians that want to advance that future and provide them with more opportunities for change! 

The rest of the evening consisted of street food, (potato milkshakes, spaghetti and chicken), worship on the roof of Laura’s apartment and devotionals! There is something about worshiping in an area that you are not familiar with. You are not distracted by the normal day to day stuff and are seeking God in new ways! It also reminds us that God loves every county and every person and He will one day call all the nations home together.