October 19, 2018 | Day 4

We woke up today and headed to school by 8:30. The day consisted of playing with the pre-schoolers, reading books and playing soccer! We were also able to continue our book translation project with LaLa. I think it will be fun to see a large pile of these books done tomorrow as we wrap up! Chris got an assistant today, his name was Mark and he moved his family down to Haiti in January. They were able to finish a whole classroom of windows so they next time it rains they will be able to shut the windows and prevent water from coming in. They also started building some tables for the preschool rooms. On to the other window tomorrow!

After school we headed to Laura’s to help with some chores. We pumped water, washed dishes, played with Jacho and baked some cupcakes for Laura’s friend. We then headed back to the guest house to freshen up and get ready for 2nd Story Goods.

2nd Story Goods is a company that launched here in Haiti to provide work. People are able to make beautiful jewelry, clothing, purses and artwork from used items found here in Haiti! Their core values are:

  • We believe in a FAIR, LIVABLE WAGE for working people.
  • We believe that the LOWEST PRICE IS NOT ALWAYS THE BEST PRICE. (see #1 )
  • We believe in BUILDING A COMPANY THAT BENEFITS THE COMMUNITY where it is planted.  Good wages mean people are supporting their own churches and paying their school fees, buying from local merchants and helping each other when there is illness and death in the community. Building a strong company, means people have good jobs and are not looking to outsiders to meet their basic needs. it is a beautiful and honoring thing!
  • We believe that PEOPLE THAT LIVE WITHIN A COMMUNITY are best suited to bring positive change for their community, model leadership qualities and empower upcoming generations.
  • We believe that working to create beautiful things stirs up all kinds of WONDER AND DIGNITY AND CONNECTEDNESS.
  • We believe in HOPE with every fiber of this business

If you would like to purchase anything from 2nd story, check out their website here: 


We then got to meet two other missionary families down here and participate in a Haitian painting class. We created beautiful landscapes of Haiti!