North Way Christian Community Church in Pittsburgh, PA

October 20, 2018 | Day 5

Every Friday morning the school has church at 7:15, so we started our day by joining the students and teachers in worship, prayer and a message in the school cafeteria. Although we couldn’t understand the language, it was incredible to experience their version of what we call church on Sundays. Each Friday the klinik is closed, but Laura holds a class called Formula Program -- Mommy and Me; for women who are taking care of infants whose mothers either died during birth or are unable to breast feed due to physical or other circumstances. So Madison, Leigh Ann and Bri sat in on the class. This morning Laura taught about how to properly tend to cuts, burns and boils.

Chris went to work with Mark; they put three windows in, finished building a table and made some improvements to some chalkboards.

Bri and Madison went to the school; played with preschoolers, helped LaLa organize a storage closet and translated books.

Laura took us to the market to grab a few items. By the time we got back to the klinik, Leigh Ann realized her phone was taken out of her backpack… Just like in America, if you’re in a crowded area, it’s important to keep track of your items and be aware of your surroundings. Laura kicked into investigation mode. She told Oscar about what had happened and the entire klinik stopped operating to help Laura find the phone and get it back! The thief answered the phone and agreed to meet us. Oscar got police friends to come to the klinik and go with Laura to get the phone. They successfully brought the phone back!!! The culture of community here is incredible, to witness and be a part of how they all come together to help one another is a beautiful example of the importance and power of community! I am beyond grateful for their response to help!

After such an adventurous morning, we spent the afternoon at Laura’s eating egg sandwiches, guacamole and plantain chips with Cokes from the store downstairs. Chris helped Laura with a couple of handyman chores around her apartment.

In the evening at the guesthouse, our host, James cooked us a Haitian meal of rice and beans, fried plantains, chicken stew and piklix. The four of us and Laura spent the evening in worship on the roof! It’s indescribable how it feels to worship the Lord in open air, surrounded by His beautiful and mighty Creation and friends in this amazing country!