October 21, 2018 | Day 6

Today we woke up very early and were hiking a mountain by 6:45am. This mountain is known as prayer mountain and many Haitians make the climb on Saturdays to pray and worship. It took us about 45 minutes to get to the top of the mountain and once we got there, the views were amazing. We could see the school, the salt flats and other cool landmarks that one of Laura’s friends was able to point out to us! On our way back down we stopped and prayed over the city! We thanked God that he cares about everyone in this world and that he has a plan for Haiti! It was a great moment! After the mountain we headed to the guest house and packed all of our stuff up! Next stop, the beach! An hour and a half ride turned into a three hour ride simply because roads were so crowded with market vendors and shoppers the whole way there. When we got there we were amazed by the beauty this little island has to offer! We got to eat and relax and shower and eat again! As the day was coming to a close we all sat on the beach and debriefed with a couple questions. What will you take away from this experience and apply back home? How did God show Himself to you during this week? It was so impactful to hear everyone’s answers and also hear Laura’s perspective on God in Haiti! We probably stayed up later than we should have, but it was well worth it! Back to the states! See you soon Pittsburgh!