October 7, 2017 | Safe Arrival

The team arrived safely yesterday at the Joshua House after 12 hours of travel. They got through customs with all of the extra items they brought -praise God. The temperature is in the 80s with significant humidity as is common there. On the drive from the airport through Cap Haitien to the Joshua House the team traveled in a van with all of their bags strapped to the roof. While en route on the bumpy and traffic-packed roads, one of the bags came loose and fell. Aubrey-Grace reached out the window and caught the bag and saved it! Needless to say, everyone was grateful they didn’t lose or damage anything during their travel. Upon arrival, the Joshua House staff had prepared a wonderful dinner of fried chicken, noodles, and mashed potatoes (a nice mix of Haitian and American food). They were able to see Pastor Jean Claude briefly as well. Last night the team took some time to rest, prepare their items for a visit to the Valley Church today, and have some prayer and worship time. Today they are off to the Valley Church to put on KidsGIG and share some teaching with the married couples as well as the young adults. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would speak through their teaching.