October 8, 2017 | Day 3 – Sunday Service & Med Clinic

Today the team returned to the Valley Church as planned to participate in Sunday worship with their friends. They were unexpectedly given the opportunity to ride a school bus to church with the kids from the IDADEE orphanage and they had a blast! Rob preached the sermon this morning on servant leadership with the help of a translator and did a fantastic job. After church they all returned to the Joshua House and had a classic lunch of PB&J sandwiches before heading out to see the new medical clinic that Pittsburgh Kids Foundation (PKF) has been funding work on for many years. The clinic will open next month which is a HUGE deal. Medical care of any kind is very difficult to obtain in Haiti and this clinic is extremely spacious with special equipment that is scarce in that area. This clinic is the answer to many prayers and will be able to meet the needs of so many! Following the clinic tour, the team went back to Pastor Jean Claude’s home and spent time hanging out and playing soccer with his kids. The children won the soccer game by a hefty margin. After returning home to the Joshua House at the end of the day, the team wound down their evening singing worship songs with some local friends. Everyone was pretty beat from a long hot day so they crashed early. Tomorrow will be a fun but exhausting day of hiking to the Mountain Church (an hour+ hike) to share their adult, young adult, and kids teaching with the congregation there. Please pray for rest, safety, and open hearts for our team as they wait expectantly for God to multiply His blessings.