Robert and Nina’s Story

Robert and Nina have been raised up as leaders through United World Mission and Christian Camping International to train and develop future Christian camping leaders in Latin America. Robert serves as the Executive Director of Latin America Mission, Nina serves as the Director of International Events, and they have two wonderful daughters, Nicole and Joanne. While directing CCI Latin America, their family has led efforts in the development of 6,500 camp leaders trained in 15 countries – leaders who have impacted about 1.5 million campers in the last 20 years. Their vision with CCI Latin America is to see every local church in Latin America running camps that transform lives in Christ. After many years of traveling the entire region and meeting with pastors, missionaries and leaders, Robert has seen the real situation of those Christian workers: loneliness, spiritual attacks, broken relationships with co-workers or family members, and leadership conflicts based on cultural backgrounds. United World Mission has invited Robert to work as Regional Leader for South America, making sure missionaries have available member care and spiritual formation as needed and desired. Watch this video to learn more about their ministry!

About Columbia

Home to lush rainforests that create biodiversity and white-sand beaches where sea turtles nest, Columbia’s people groups are comparably diverse! Columbia is at the crossroads of Latin America and has a rich cultural heritage.  Many of the youth in Columbia are at risk of being enticed by gangs and drugs. There is a great need for dynamic youth ministries that are culturally relevant. Christian Camping International is one of the most successful ministries pioneering these youth programs in Latin America.

  Ways to Pray 1. Protection for children and teens, especially those struggling with poverty. 2. Open doors for the Gospel to be shared in culturally relevant ways and ready hearts to receive Jesus as Savior. 3. Evangelism among ethnic minorities and immigrants including the Kuna, Chinese, and Gujarti-speaking South Asian people groups.

Columbia Facts Population: 49,067,981 Capital: Bogota Primary Religion: Catholicism   Language: Spanish