| June 6, 2020

When I understand the I Am, it changes who I am. In this, we discover life. Jesus gave us the right to be children of God, that is a right we can’t afford to miss out on....



| June 12, 2020

Like their ancestors in the desert, the crowd talking with Jesus, were looking to get their physical needs met. Jesus invited them to a greater experience than getting their physical...



| June 20, 2020

Do you find yourself overly stressed, agitated or depressed?  Are you spending more time on social media and watching the news than you are praying and reading your bible?...



The Book of John: He is the Door

Examining racism

There is no doubt that racism is all around us and present in our lives virtually every day, whether in conversation, on the news, social media or personal experience.   Many...



| July 4, 2020

Each of the four gospels are the same story, but told to suit different audiences. Based on the language and nuance, it becomes clear who each writer was writing for. John's gospel...