Beaver Valley Q&A at North Way Sewickley Valley

On Sunday, June 25, 2017, Pastor Chris White led another successful Q&A with some of the members from North Way Sewickley Valley. To begin, he explained the demolition process from the old K-Mart in Rochester to the new North Way Beaver Valley Campus, which began on Monday, June 26, 2017. He then introduced Amy Smith as the new North Way Beaver Valley Worship Director and expressed how excited we were to have her. He also explained that North Way Beaver Valley is still seeking and praying for a Campus Manager, and a part-time Family Matters Pastor; he further explained that North Way Beaver Valley hopes to fill these positions by the end of September 2017. For this Q&A, Pastor Chris mainly focused on explaining the purpose and function of the Core Team and how Beaver Valley is seeking as many volunteers as possible. By the end of May, our goal was to have 50 people to join the Core Team. Remarkably, we have a total of 130 people on the Core Team! Now, our goal is to have 300 people by the end of the summer. Pastor Chris also stated that in the fall, there will be a study over Ephesians for the members of the Core Team; this study will be done in, and lived out, through our small groups. Also, Core Team Members will be doing community work such as prayer walks and various volunteer work within the community in the months leading up to the official campus launch in February. This will “set the tone” in taking the first step for North Way Beaver Valley to grow spiritually while connecting with the community around us. Throughout the Q&A, significant questions were asked. Initially, a question about North Way being an interdenominational church was asked. One man inquired, “As far as being interdenominational, how would I explain that to someone?” Pastor Chris explained, “The North Way Community has become an ‘all-denomination’ community. We have people from all over the world coming to North Way, even people from India. Which means, North Way is always seeking to create new experiences for everyone by engaging others cross-culturally, including people of different denominations and people groups.” Another question asked concerned the Worship Team, “will North Way Beaver Valley be looking for a guitarist, pianist, etc.?” Pastor Chris stated, “YES! We are looking for those kind of people, and anyone can apply for them by contacting me, or Amy Smith, about becoming a part of the Worship Team. The next question asked concerned the renovations of the new campus. Pastor Chris further explained that the demolition process would begin on Monday, June 26, 2017; and, North Way Beaver Valley will be the new look of North Way: brand new model, new colors, padded chairs, etc. North Way Beaver Valley is also happy to announce its two Christmas Eve services, three “Family and Friends” services in January 2018 followed by our official grand opening on February 4, 2018. Please stay connected to our social media pages – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Again, our main goal is to ENGAGE THE COMMUNITY! If you are interested in serving on the Core Team, please visit our website at, and/or contact Pastor Chris White @