North Way Christian Community Church in Pittsburgh, PA

Thursday, August 2 | Good Teacher – Gru Laor

Today was our first full day of kid’s camp. We started the day with some prayer followed by praise and worship. There are no words to describe the power of being surrounded by nearly 500 kids pouring their hearts and souls into their worship of the Lord. These children have so little and yet to see them in worship truly shows how when you give yourself wholly to Christ, you are truly rich and blessed in your life. We split up into small groups and started off doing some ice breaker games. Language barriers can be a challenge even for something as simple as duck duck goose. At times you can feel like you are failing, yet I am thankful for Stephen jumping in with my group and encouraging me to not give up. We fought through trying to give instructions, but in the end the kids had fun and I was proud that we were able to find ways to work through the communication challenges. We then heard from Pastor Joe about how Christ and the Holy Spirit are in us. There was a small performance on the Prodigal Son (shout out to John who did us all proud with his acting)! The rain came down hard today and the rough tide prevented us from being able to take the kids swimming today. The weather pushed a lot of our time indoors and tested the flexibility of all the volunteers today. We might be a small group at only 7, but I am so proud of how involved we each have been. It has been a lot of fun to be a part of a group that can easily split apart to help wherever was needed, and yet seamlessly come back together and pick up with the laughter and fellowship without missing a beat. Over the trip so far I have had a lot of opportunity to get to know our translator Kongkea. He is cleared blessed with big heart filled with love and a smile that invites complete strangers to share in his joy. He has also been so patient and has seemed to enjoy taking time to teach me some Khmer. As he and I went through my journal today, we had some of the kids gather around us. The began to ask who had taught me write and speak Khmer. I was able to proudly say that Kongkea is a Gru Laor (Good Teacher). The kids then took pleasure in teaching me along with Kongkea. It was a powerful day to see how sharing in the love of Christ can turn us each in Gru Laor in our own special ways. God Bless Andrew Showman aka Andanu (Rainbow)